Remember this girl?

Our Juliet.

Our sweet & darling Juliet?

The quiet & cuddly Parkinson?

Well, she kinda went missing this past week.

Not literally (#chill) but, figuratively.

Everything has seemed like a battle since we arrived in Canada last weekend.  Each and every day, we’ve woken up to more frequent, more fierce, and more irrational moments with our child that is notably, The Calm One (haaaaaa).  It’s been a real test of patience, you guys.

We drained the bath water after tubby.  She had a meltdown.

We gave her the red popsicle that she asked for.  She had a meltdown.

We had a dance party to “Shake It Off”.  She had a meltdown.

Basically, our trip has felt like an all day, week-long MELTDOWN.  #alittledramatic #wonderwherejetgetsitfrom

I know that Juliet is two.  And I know that part of being two is this whole idea of Meltdown Season (we did it with Nory)!  But I also have this gut instinct that this is just NOT MY DAUGHTER.  She’s never this unhappy or particular.  Especially for this many hours/days in a row.  So I can’t help but theorize; Is it jetlag?  Teething?  Exhaustion?  The transition?  A combination of many things?  The point is, it’s not JUST that she’s a toddler.

Two nights ago, I cried myself to sleep.  But before that, I turned to Pinterest (because my bestie banned me from Googling) and I looked for SOMETHING to seek comfort in because the thrill of Kraft peanut butter and coffee with Baileys wasn’t cutting it anymore.  As I scratched my billions of mosquito bites (that’s me being LITERAL), I laughed for (maybe!) the first time all day.

Thank goodness for humour!

Also, thank goodness for NAPS.

Yesterday afternoon, the newly appointed Jet-nado had a nap.  For one hour and 45 minutes.


I think.


Our sweetie pie has returned!

After not napping for months (who are these people who have kids that do that?), I think what our Juliet-in-Canada needed all along was a good ole nap.  And I can hear Aunt Coco screaming, “HECK YES!!!!!!” (using more inappropriate language, of course).

In fact, guess what Juliet’s doing right now?  Yep.  NAPPING :)

All this fresh air.  All this running around.  All this excitement.

All we needed, was a nap.

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