Nory got her first report card on Thursday and we are so, so proud of her!  It’s great to know that even though we receive the odd “WHATEVER!!!” (coupled with a hair flip!) at home, she is being the tiny human we are raising her to be when she leaves the house.  Her teacher says she is kind and polite and helpful and these are THE THINGS we preach in our house.  Way to go, ELEANOR!!!

I call this picture “foreshadowing”….

To celebrate a fabulous report card (and embrace a family outing that we missed so much last weekend), we headed to Build A Bear yesterday morning.  I think we were the most bizarre family the place has ever seen, with Nory being her super enthusiastic, LET’S DO THIS, THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER self, and Juliet being a totally uncooperative toddler, “NO-NO-NO!!!!!”, and calling the most wonderful employee on the planet a “bad baby”.  I definitely need to return with a THANK YOU card and perhaps a latte…

Here are some pictures of that time that NO ONE SAW COMING…that time where we took the girls to the second happiest place on Earth and Juliet hated every second of it:

You might be thinking that we chose Juliet’s bear for her (Grumpy, ha!), but the truth of the matter is that THE ONLY PART Juliet would participate in was the bear selection process.  Choosing Grumpy Bear was ALL HER.  Oh, the irony.

Once we left the store (and we were far away from that terrifying employee), Juliet was as happy as a clam.  We looked like the poster family for FABULOUS TIMES at BUILD A BEAR!  “An experience that makes everyone HAPPY!!!!”  #Lies

That last picture was posted on Instagram and I laugh because it is a total misrepresentation of what happened inside the store.  Definitely a cute snapshot of the girls but you, Sweet Readers, know THE TRUTH :)

After milkshakes and pajama shopping, we made our way to the parking lot, where we had serious doubts over whether Juliet would actually stop kicking and screaming and face-smacking long enough for us to fasten her inside the vehicle.  Transitions aren’t our strong suit right now, okay?


I just love family time.  Sweet, OUT IN THE OPEN, family time.  Where Nory is smiling at life, Juliet’s a ticking time bomb, and Phil and I try to stay CALM & AWESOME in a constant state of caffeination :)

So pumped to see Juliet’s first report card.

6 thoughts on “Totally not embarrassed by anything that happened Friday morning. #parentingmilestone

  1. Dee P

    Love this post!!! As the child care provider of a 4 year old, an “almost” 4 year old and a “just turned” 3 year old…….I totally get it!! We had tears in our house on Thursday at pick up time because a grandma didn’t come in the door first :|

    That’s why I had a glass (or 3!!) of wine on Thursday night ;)

    Keep up the wonderful writing ~ I love it!


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