I never grew up thinking I would be a mug designer and I’m pretty sure my best friend didn’t either.  But, spontaneity happens over coffee and the next thing you know, you’re over a thousand dollars in the hole, wondering if anyone will fall in love with your idea.  It’s a scary world, this entrepreneur thing!


Just two girls deciding to become GIRL BOSSES :)

Luckily, our little company has been embraced by many and we’re proud to say that we ACTUALLY DID IT (by Entrepreneurship-As-A-Hobby Standards).  What’s even greater, however, is the way people have connected with our mission…..


And now you know why we called our company “The Glue” :)  The Glue is what keeps us together, YOU GUYS!

Have a click through some of our TOP-NOTCH designs ;)

Fun, right?!  We also make other, Not-Specific-To-Kuwait mugs that are equally fantastic.  Like this one (which has actually turned out to be one of our bestsellers):


We’re thrilled that this MUG-WITH-A-MESSAGE is finding its home in kitchens around the world in Kuwait.

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Happy Sipping, Dear Friends!