It’s been a whole 365 days since that spontaneous chat at Costa Coffee, the one where a mug company was born and not a soul believed us.  I mean, I suppose it was difficult to find truth in a pair of giggling faces; two gals with zero experience in business and not a clue where to start.  But we had a vision, and we walked with confidence from the coffee shop to the car – boss-like, head-high, eager to share the vision we’d created over chai lattes.  Phil greeted us with a mixture of “oh yeah’s” and “that’s cool” and…..head-shaking.  I could tell in his eyes that he loved me more than ever, or maybe he just knew better than to interfere with a girl on a mission.  HA.  Nothing was going to stop Gem and I from executing our totally un-planned plan of starting a mug business.  NOTHING.

I think the first person who actually believed in us was our sweet friend, Samar.  She saw potential in our ideas, motivated us to go for it, and supported us with lessons in business and an invitation to sell our mugs at her store in Kuwait City.  It was a DREAM COME TRUE!

We love you, Samar! Thank you for being such a STRONG and inspirational woman! XOXO

Samar helped us gain a following on Instagram (preparing beautiful gift baskets featuring our mugs!), and we quickly became swamped with pre-orders from teachers wanting to bring mugs home to family and friends over the summer.  It was like we were becoming a thing!  We couldn’t believe it.

Around this time, we were approached by another wonderful woman named Dina who asked if we would like to participate in her Instagram contest over Ramadan.  Her account has (almost!) twenty two THOUSAND followers and we FREAKED OUT to receive a message from such a popular person.  We were nervous-as-ever to meet her in person, but, like Samar, this woman is so encouraging and lovely and she has continued to support us throughout our journey as a small business.  WE LOVE YOU, DINA!!!

The fall and winter season brought local festivals and bazaars and in the new year, we hit over 1000 followers on Instagram (#happydance).  Our participation in these events got us noticed by Artspace and we are now thrilled to be selling our mugs at the coziest, trendiest, most creative place in Kuwait!  (For the record, Artspace is run by two GIRL BOSSES and the theme of this post is, evidently, WOMEN SUPPORTING OTHER WOMEN. BAM!)

In February, our excitement continued with Bazaar magazine and, in March, we were able to grab a coffee at Starbucks and read ALL ABOUT THE GLUE in the latest issue.

You guys.

This.  Is.  All.  So.  Darn.  Surreal.

It’s hard to believe that today is the ONE YEAR mark.  I am so proud of us for all that we have accomplished, but mostly, I am so happy that we’ve created a company that people connect with.  Thank you to everyone who has guided us, loved us, and supported us!  We are so grateful to be surrounded by ALL OF YOU <3


Here are some pictures of the big BIRTHDAY BASH that happened on Friday afternoon…

8 thoughts on “The Glue is ONE!!!

  1. Dee P

    Congrats gals!! You never cease to amaze me with everything you accomplish…….keep up the great work!! Now…….where can I get some mugs (I’m thinking they would be awesome stocking stuffers!!!)??


  2. Joanne Russell

    Hi Lindsay.Congrulation on your accomplishments. Your Children R Beautiful. Would love to purchase one of your mugs but you R so far away.Iam Linda Russell’s Mom.I will tell Linda about your post.


    1. Lindsay Post author

      Aww, THANK YOU!!! We come home to Canada on June 10th and I would be happy to bring home a mug for you :) XOXO


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