It all started with this Target t-shirt, which I saw while browsing Facebook one morning.

Amazing, right?  I fell in love instantly and I knew I needed to purchase and ship approximately one billion of them to Kuwait so that I could distribute them to EVERY SINGLE CHILD I KNOW so that they could wear them for their mothers on Mother’s Day.  Alas, Phil said this wasn’t practical (#whatever), so I had to come up with a Plan B that was more “realistic”.

Thankfully, it is words like these that INSPIRE and it wasn’t long before I had a visual of what I wanted to do to celebrate all of the STRONG MOMS that live in our complex.  I recruited the best co-planners around (Emily, Autumn, and Jada!) and we set out on a mission to surprise the STRONG MOM community.

Preparation involved a lot of running around, offering to babysit children for “10 minutes”, and distracting mothers with awkward conversations.  For the littlest kids, taking photos meant doing a whole song and dance to get all siblings looking at the camera and somewhat smiley.  For the older kids, taking photos meant telling them how COOL it is and how it will only take ONE SECOND and how it is a really fun study break.  These tricks allowed us to successfully photograph all children – big and small – in a record-breaking amount of time.

We planned the big event on the actual Mother’s Day (March 21st in Kuwait), setting up after school and waiting to surprise the moms when they got home from work.  They first laid eyes on a snack table and a dance floor, but as they turned the corner they stumbled upon an area that looked like this:

One photo for each of STRONG MOM, along with a special “STRONG BECAUSE OF YOU” photo for nannies, “aunties”, and “grandmas” who help raise our children too :)

Here are some CLOSE UPS because these turned out so darn cute!

I think we nailed it ;)

A big thank you to all of the STRONG WOMEN that surround us here in Kuwait.  We are so fortunate to learn and laugh alongside each of you!

Another big thank you to Autumn, Jada and Emily for helping to execute my vision.

And, of course, a big thank you to Target for feeding my creative soul.  I’m gonna get my hands on those shirts THIS SUMMER (but maybe not the one billion of them that I discussed earlier).

STRONG LIKE MOM, you guys.  It’s a thing. 

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