ONE:  Everyone has been sick.

OYYYYYYYY.  There’s been so much vomit and mucus and kleenex-purchasing and temperature-checking and should-we-return-to-the-doctoring and please-just-swallow-this-medicine-ing.  A little congestion remains, but the FABULOUS NEWS is that we are an actual, FUNCTIONING, family unit once again.  INSERT ALL THE PRAISE HANDS!!!!!!

TWO:  I am taking a course.

Our school has a professional development stipend that we can apply for annually and it covers the cost of a Queen’s University AQ course (WOOT!!!).  This past spring, I completed my Special Education Part 1.  To keep the PD rolling, I am currently enrolled in Guidance and Career Education Part 1.  I love to learn things that can be implemented into my teaching practice RIGHT NOW :)  #nerd #forrealthough #studentforever

As a side note, Temple Grandin is coming to Kuwait in December and Em and I got tickets!!!!!!!!!  We are soooooooo excited to hear her speak! :)

THREE:  We celebrated Thanksgiving with a community potluck in the courtyard. 

The Canadian tunes were pumping (Celine, Shania, Avril, Bryan, etc.), the food was delicious, and the company was TOP-NOTCH <3

I was really hoping to get a family picture for the memory books, but Juliet refused to be in a family photo.

Actually, that’s a lie.

She refused to be in OUR FAMILY PHOTO.  She had no problem being in another family’s photo.

Oh, Juliet.

Also, I was feeling like the most terrible and absent blogger of all-time until I realized that I have all of these other Thanksgiving posts from previous years….

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FOUR:  BIRTHDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

We celebrated Lily turning NINE, Bronwyn turning FOUR, and Indiana turning ONE!  Planning is currently underway for Juliet’s birthday party.  She wants to invite one person, OMARI.  I suppose Grandma will also get an invite considering she is flying half-way around the world for the occasion ;)  #introvert

FIVE:  Halloween Preparation!

I never really used to like Halloween.  But then I had kids.  And with each passing year, the holiday has grown on me…

This year, Nory wanted to be Belle.  She had this whole vision of Phil being the Beast, me being Mrs. Pots, and Juliet being Chip.  It was a really cute family costume idea, but Jet was against it and was firmly decided on being a cupcake.  So we decided to go halfsies on the family costume idea.  Nory and Phil would represent Beauty and the Beast.  Juliet and I would be a Baker and a Cupcake.

Then it was the night before trick-or-treating and Juliet changed her mind.  Which is why I have fears about attaching a theme to her birthday party….

Stay tuned for FINAL COSTUME PHOTOS :)

I better get started on this afternoon’s party set-up.  We have a whole bunch of four year old’s coming over to craft!!!!

Wishing all of you a relaxing weekend, free of the stomach flu, colds, and last-minute Halloween costume changes.


Linds XOXO


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