‘Tis the season (in our house, at least) and we’ve enjoyed doing all things Christmasy in the last couple of weeks.  With a Christmas candle burning 24/7, we’re pretty much straight outta Whoville ’round here.

Just LOOK. AT. US.

Wearing Warmer Clothes – It’s officially in the low 20’s in Kuwait and, DO YOU SEE THAT?!  I’m even wearing a scarf! #SoChristmasy

Decorating the Christmas Tree – If you focus solely on Eleanor’s pose and ignore the fact that Juliet prefers the tree lights OFF, we’re the poster family for THE HOLIDAYS ;)

Doing Christmas Crafts – What you see below is ornaments (in progress) and a gingerbread house (that is non-living, btw).  Grandma is coming to Kuwait with more Christmas crafting supplies this weekend!

Watching the Macy’s Day Parade – So maybe Juliet was playing soccer and maybe Nory was busy making a Vet Clinic with Lego, but we did PAUSE OUR PLAY for Jojo Siwa and The Radio City Rockettes.  

We’ve also written letters to Santa.  Juliet wants “maybe…..a present” and Nory’s list begins with “for my first present I would love….”

We’ve also read the same Christmas books over and over.  And one of them had an interactive Christmas tree with ornament cut-outs that I almost threw in the garbage because I lacked the patience for such an “involved” post-work activity.  #Grinching

We’ve ALSO brought back our Elf on the Shelf, “Crimson”, which brings me back to the title of this post.

SCHOOL is non-living, but it’s TOTALLY FOR REAL.

Nory’s current topic at school is living versus non-living things and she loves to mimic her lessons from kindergarten when we get home from work.  This week, she’s been walking around the house, pointing with confidence at things that are “living” and things that are “non-living”, and explaining her reasoning to anyone who will listen.

Do you see where this is going?

If WordPress had a superzoom feature like Instagram, I would use it right here.  With our sweet little elf, Crimson, being the star of the show. DUN, DUN, DUN!!!

Nory: (looking at Crimson) Umm…….I thought you said the elf was real.

Phil: He is!  He’s magic!

Nory:  Well, I think he’s non-living.  He doesn’t grow.  He doesn’t eat.  He doesn’t move.  He’s basically just a hard toy.

Phil:  Well, he comes alive when you’re sleeping, hun.

Nory:  I just don’t know about that, Dad.

So, okay.  Thoughts I’ve had since this moment of holiday skepticism (gasp!)….

  1. School works! ;)
  2. Keeping the magic alive is so much harder when your kids learn stuff.
  3. Pinterest “Elf on the Shelf having a snack” ideas.  Implement.
  4. CONSISTENTLY move your Elf on the Shelf to reinforce the idea of “movement”.
  5. Can you purchase baby Elf on the Shelfs?  I’m told living things can have babies.

I’ve also thought about stealing the KG1 curriculum map and changing the placement of this topic altogether.  (JUST KIDDING, KG1!!!  WE LOVE YOU, GIRLS!!!!)

Luckily, my course is now finished and nobody is on antibiotics anymore and WE HAVE THE TIME to do some damage control.  Time to pour a coffee and login to Pinterest.



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