And I only cried at about half of them.  GO TEAM! ;)

Take a look….

Liesel’s 1st Birthday

Yep, SOMEHOW, she is already one!  I feel like Sarah’s “Sprinkled With Love” Shower was just the other day, and now there’s a stylish little human running around in the courtyard.  OY!  Her parents are total naturals and we are going to miss this darling family of three so, so much next year.

Nory’s End of the Year Concert

Their Christmas concert was cute as ever, but this final one was EXTRA STELLAR!  Ms. Yvonne pulled out all the stops for this last hurrah, with a great line-up of songs – all choreographed and complete with the most adorable props.  I took lots of videos and I can’t wait to be the mom that forces you to watch EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM when we are in Canada this summer.

Kumari’s Birthday

Kumari has been with us for over four years now and this year, ON HER BIRTHDAY, was the first time she actually sat with us to eat dinner!  We have asked, begged, and INSISTED on togetherness so many times before, but she has always preferred to eat on her own.  You can imagine how pumped we all were when she sat down at the table.  ALAS, it must be said that in true Kumari Poppins fashion, she secretly ordered dinner for EVERYONE so that she could “treat us” on HER BIRTHDAY.  Is that even a thing?  I can’t think of a better person in the whole world <3

Autumn’s Birthday Party

I can’t find any pictures of the girls with the Birthday Girl, but Autumn had a courtyard dance party (with homemade cotton candy!) to celebrate.  The girls were excited to put on party dresses and all the Dunes cousins had a blast partying outdoors :)  WE LOVE YOU, AUTI!

The Parkinson Girls with the Olson Girls :)

Grade 8 Teacher Appreciation Party

We have the best students in the world over here – so appreciative and sweet.  This year, I helped to facilitate a group of 19 “Day-Makers”, who planned and brilliantly executed a little teacher appreciation party for the grade 8 staff.  There were cards for each of us, a student-designed t-shirt, and lots of yummy food!

Grade 8 Promotion/Graduation Day

So, I didn’t keep my composure very well for this event.  By the end of it, I was sobbing like a baby on Phil’s office floor.  You could say I get a LITTLE BIT attached to “my kids” and seeing them move onto high school is bittersweet.  They are ready to ROAR, but I selfishly want them to keep on roaring with me :)

Activities & Athletics Banquet

This was Phil’s big event of the year and his hours (I MEAN, HOURS!) of hard work paid off! The event recognized students from all age categories (from U12 to Varsity!), which meant there were many REALLY ADORABLE SIBLINGS celebrating their achievements together.  It was also fun to get dressed up in Falcon colours and enjoy an evening out with our Kuwait Family.  Great job, Phil!  Great job, Falcons!  

There was also a graduation party in this mix (but Phil doesn’t paparazzi like I do) and tonight we head to the Hussain home to celebrate an engagement.

Next week, we look forward to Juliet’s half-birthday, the last day of school, and our flight home to Canada for the summer!  Can’t wait to see all of you! XOXO

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