Phil left early, early this morning for Cyprus and so it’s just me and the girls and Kumari and the cats and a whole community of loving and thoughtful people until Sunday night.  It’s gonna be rough, people ;) Especially since I get to be the favourite parent for five whole days, if you exclude tonight’s passionate “you and Daddy should switch places speech.”  [For the record, the presenter received the following response:  1) it’s FOR REAL bedtime, and 2) nothing could be said to make me fly to another country to chaperone four soccer teams in a beach resort hosting six schools.]  

I’m definitely the favourite. Look, I am RIGHT THERE, under that pink thing ;)

Anyways, TOMORROW IS THURSDAY and it is a FREE DRESS THURSDAY!!!!!  The middle school is having pajama day (HIP, HIP!) and the elementary school is having celebrity day. Circa ten minutes ago, Nory insists on being “Belle With A Braid” rather than “Taylor Swift When She Is A Ballerina In The Shake It Off Music Video”.  We’ll see if that is still a thing at 5:30 a.m.

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!


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