I really love the whole CLOSE-KNIT, EXPAT COMMUNITY THING from August until April.  I’m a sucker for the built-in playmates, the spontaneous coffee dates and the comfort of “family” a few floors up or down.  But then May rolls around and I feel thrown that people are ACTUALLY leaving.  Like, moving.  Away from us.  And selling their stuff.  And never, ever bound to bike or splash or holler in the Dunes courtyard ever again.  #DramaQueen #ButSeriouslyThough

It struck me the other day that THIS YEAR’S DEPARTEES (is that even a word?!) are making me feel a little more emotional than usual.  I didn’t really understand why at first, but THIS MORNING it occurred to me that so many of our Community Mamas are leaving Kuwait for good.  And although my interactions with these women vary from little to lots, and although our parenting styles span the spectrum of crazy to JUST AS FREAKING CRAZY (ha!), each of them have left an impression on my MAMA HEART <3

There’s the mama who spends her weekends at the baseball field, makes the taxi life seem EASY PEEZY, and is 100% supportive of her son and daughter’s business ambitions.  Yard sale?  SURE!  Art shop? YES!  Take a picture with the “statue” in the lobby?  WHY NOT?!

There’s the mama who takes TRAVELLING WITH CHILDREN to a whole new level.  We’re talking SUPER LONG bus rides in foreign countries, WITH A BABY, executed nothing less than GRACEFULLY.  I mean, I don’t get it.  Especially since she doesn’t even drink coffee.  

There’s the mama that makes time FOR HERSELF – to write, to run, to bake, to brunch, all the while teaching full-time, pulling off that trendy-casual vibe, and allowing her kids to be the energetic, little people that they are. 

There’s the mama that encourages independence and has taught her littles to make oatmeal and pancakes and GOSH KNOWS WHAT ELSE.  She’s phased by absolutely nothing, her babies sleep like champions, and she prioritizes her marriage on Saturday afternoons.    

There’s the mama that appears relaxed and confident, never rattled by a little bump or fall.  She’s a first time mom and moves through milestones like a pro.  She even does it without screen time, you guys.  I promise you I am telling the HONEST TRUTH!  #WhatIsThatEven #MyIdol


I’m going to miss these MAMAS OF ALL SORTS.  There is something REALLY DARN COOL about doing things differently, but together.

A big, gushy HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all!


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