I’m sure there are people out there dreading their flight back to Kuwait, wishing SO BADLY that they could extend their holiday a little (or a lot!) longer.  And even though we’ve had a wonderful time in Budapest, and even though we’ve enjoyed all the trees and parks and change of scenery, we are very ready to return to HOME SWEET KUWAIT :)

Reasons why:

  1. I have a really stellar housecoat selection in Kuwait.  You have no idea how many times I have wished to have a housecoat with me on this trip.  Housecoats are so cozy and versatile – they are sweaters, they are pajamas, they are towels, they are pillows, they are blankets, they are THE BOMB.COM.
  2. I miss our cats.  A LOT.  A LOT, A LOT.
  3. Two weeks without Kumari Poppins is no joke.  Every time we are without her, we’re reminded how much she SAVES US ON THE DAILY.
  4. Kuwait weather is currently IDEAL.  Budapest is too cold to enjoy forever.  Also, this bundling up children for freezing temperatures thing is ridiculous.  Does it take you guys, like, 20-30 minutes to leave the house?  Or is that just us being out of cold-weather practice?
  5. In Kuwait, things are open basically always.  Not that we go out all the time, but there’s a certain comfort in knowing we can get what we need whenever we need it.  We’ve had to plan out our grocery shopping here because the grocery store was CLOSED (sometimes for days at a time) OVER THE HOLIDAYS (gasp!!!).
  6. Oh how I miss making an entire pot of coffee that stays hot for hours.  And it’s not TOO HOT, it’s at the perfect temperature.  I have no idea how people use a coffee press and remain pleased over time.  The waiting for the water to cool and cleaning out the press and drinking it as fast as possible once it’s at the perfect temperature so that you don’t waste it or have to re-microwave it a billion times…….I suppose I’m a traditionalist.  Love myself an old-fashioned coffee pot.
  7. Did the Hussain Family enjoy their time in Wales?  What did Coco purchase while visiting her fam jam in Atlanta?  Does the Crace family love their new flat and wherever are those parks they’ve been posting about all holiday?  What new stories will Barb share about her cutie grandbabies?  I can’t wait to catch up with everyone in Kuwait!!!

So, yeah.  It is our LAST DAY HERE and nobody is crying about it.  Our holiday was fab, but it’s definitely time to return to the country that’s embraced us :)  If you’re also returning to Kuwait this week, I hope you’re having the same feelings of returning “home”.  SEE YOU BACK IN THE SANDBOX!!!!

And until then, we’re doing a whole lot of this:

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