National Day Weekend in Kuwait is one of my very favourite weekends of the year.  The weather is PERFECT, the country is decked out in flag colours, and we get a long weekend to enjoy the festivities.

Here is some of the fun we had celebrating Kuwait at school on Thursday…

Auntie went to visit Nory in class! I am so happy she did, because I wasn’t able to!!!

Nory learned so much about Kuwait with Ms. Yvonne this week! Also, Ms. Yvonne is THE BEST and sends us pictures of all that they do together :)

In middle school, we celebrated by dressing up and enjoying a yummy catered lunch :)

Many teachers travel on this long weekend, but we prefer to stay at home because we SIMPLY CANNOT MISS the Al Farsi International Kite Festival!  In fact, this past week, I gave my usual “THE KITE FESTIVAL IS ON!!!!” speech to our February-first-timers and continued to give directions and share pictures like the most annoying sales person you’ve ever met.  #MadLoveForKites #NotWorkingForAlFarsi

Check out our previous trips to the Kite Festival……

Kite Festival 2016

Kite Festival 2015

Kite Festival 2014? (No idea….)

Kite Festival 2013? (Likely in bed, crying about breastfeeding….)

Kite Festival 2012

Kite Festival 2011

For us, yesterday was THE DAY!  The sky was blue and we couldn’t wait to meet up with Coco, Auntie, and the Crace family for a morning of kites.  We packed a bag, argued over sunscreen, split into teams based on hat colour (team “bluey” and team “pinky”), and out the door we went to embrace the BEST EVENT OF THE YEAR!  HOORAY!!!

(15 minutes later)

“My hands are a BOWL OF VOM!!!” – Lindsay Parkinson

So, ya.  Juliet was congested and coughing and then proceeded to rid her belly of all things breakfast.  It took about five minutes before we were able to pull off at a gas station.

Kite Festival 2017

As it would happen, before Phil could get Juliet out of the car, another (bigger) fountain of vomit appeared.  I was helpless in the passenger seat (holding a bowl of the last vomit’s vomit) and waiting for Phil to open the door so I could pour it out.

As it would ALSO HAPPEN, Nory started yelling that she had to go to the bathroom.  LIKE, IMMEDIATELY.


The good news is that Phil says he was only joking when he declared we were never going anywhere again.  Nory used a squatter toilet with success (#YeahGirl).  Juliet was all smiles for the rest of the day.  And I was able to capture one, very real picture of “Kite Festival 2017”.

As Nory exclaimed on the way home, “That was really fun, you guys!  Except for we didn’t see any kites!”  

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