For the longest time, Juliet insisted on having a “goat” party for her birthday.

Yep, a goat party.

A party created on the basis of goats.

Not cows.  Not horses.  Not any other related barnyard animal.


Obviously the idea made me panic because….YOU GUYS….what does a goat party even look like?  Pinterest couldn’t tell me either.

Thankfully, we were able to rely on Juliet’s love for Phil and Paw Patrol to sway her decision.  Her strong stance on a goat-themed affair became a firm request for a Paw Patrol celebration.  Phewf.


If you have a three year old, your child is probably ALSO obsessed with Paw Patrol right now.  Phrases like “RUBBLE ON THE DOUBLE!” or “CHASE IS ON THE CASE!!!” are thrown into everyday conversations and a simple walkthrough of your home would reveal an obvious theme to any guest.  The families of three year old’s are PAW PATROL FANATICS, I tell you!

As I shared before, Juliet wanted the guest list to be kept small.  Many of the kids in our complex wanted to celebrate with her, but we honoured the birthday girl’s request to keep it intimate.  Here are our party people – complete with the ONE FRIEND JULIET INVITED…

Because the party was in the evening AND because our apartment has poor lighting AND because I have photography skills that max out after sunset…..we didn’t capture too many photos that are free of blur.  I did, however, manage to snap one daytime picture of each of the girls mid-afternoon…

(So maybe Juliet looks un-enthused, but their personalities are BANG ON in these photos.)

Each of the guests (even wee Naya!) received one of the customized tees and my new letterboard came in very handy for party decor.  How true is that quote for both puppy dogs AND children?!

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us!  Special shout-out to Grandma who flew across an ocean to attend!


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