Yesterday our littlest darling turned THREE and we had a surprise day off to celebrate the day with her!  After a morning of crafts, puzzles, and present-opening, we packed a picnic and headed to the desert.  We had so much fun snacking, dancing, running, and playing soccer in the middle of nowhere and the weather is now IDEAL for outdoor adventures.  Plus, the desert is our introvert’s ZONE :)

Gosh, I remember being so scared three years ago.  I had been on bed rest and in and out of the hospital twice already, which is why they opted for an emergency c-section at 34 weeks.  I was so scared for her, but Juliet fought her way out of the NICU just as quickly as she’d entered the world and we brought her home 4.8 pounds STRONG.  I can’t think of a more appropriate nickname for our little “Jet”.

A few things about Juliet at Age 3…

Things she loves: soccer, hide and seek, playdoh, puzzles, PHIL, swings, washing Barbies in the sink (Naked Ken included), Crocs, baby dolls, SWEETS, her best friend Omari, “talking” on the phone, pretending to be sick, HER SISTER NORY, playing doctor with workshop tools (screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, etc.)

Things she LOVES WAY LESS strongly dislikes:  the idea of going to school, strangers in the house, large crowds, sauces (e.g. ketchup and tomato sauce), the fact that Omari still naps, brushing her teeth (doesn’t mix well with sweet tooth, you guys)

Phrases she’s known for: 

Where’s Daddy?

I didn’t. (Usually in reference to anything aggressive towards Nory.)

I’m not tired. (Emphasis is always placed on the “NOTTTTTT”.)

Oh, Juliet. 

We love you SO VERY MUCH!  And we can’t wait for your little “Paw Patrol” Party on Saturday!  I know you only wanted your Daddy and Omari to attend, but we added a few more to the guest list.  #LoveYou

I suppose if you’re angry with me, I’ll just get more really cute pictures of you.  Like these ones.  From yesterday.  When you were totally bummed that we had to leave the desert.

Sitting in front of the car.  That’s some protest, sister!

Here are some of our favourite memories from Juliet’s 1st Birthday and Juliet’s 2nd Birthday!  Also, in writing this post I remembered that THIS BLOG HAS OUR WHOLE LIFE.  Like, everything.  I feel so grateful for this space <3

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