Last night a big sandstorm came through and the dust is still lingering around this morning.  I think it’s the biggest one we’ve had since our first year in Kuwait and, even though Phil didn’t get a “dust day” off work, it was super exciting nonetheless!  Storms seem to have that effect on people, don’t they?  When you’re safe inside with all family members and loved ones accounted for, it’s nice to look out the window and watch mother nature do her thing.  No matter how dirty she makes things look.  Or how dusty she makes your house…

Okay, okay….you can thank our dirty windows for part of the effect.

In other interesting news, Phil and I have officially trusted Kumari to watch both girls at the same time.  Errr……I suppose I should leave Phil’s name out of it because I AM THE ONE who halted the whole “doing stuff WITHOUT CHILDREN” aspect of our lives.  You guys know I’m INTENSE (or CRAZY?!) when it comes to leaving Nory and Jet.  Even if I’m only leaving them to have a shower…………in my bedroom…..a few meters away from them…..for five minutes……I’m intense.  Because obviously in the shower I can “hear” both girls screaming for me at the same time.  And obviously if I WERE NOT in the shower, I would immediately know what they needed and make the crying go away within seconds.  Because obviously I’m the only person ALIVE who knows how to make a crying child stop.  (HA!  Okay, so now you know I’m crazy for real.)  Thankfully, I’m good and ready now (albeit still crazy) and have left BOTH GIRLS with Kumari a few times recently so that Phil and I can be adults and do things just us two.  It’s been really, really nice and I can’t wait to enjoy tomorrow’s “date” which entails Phil coaching a basketball game and me cheering him on from the stands.  And sending him the odd wink across the court ;) 

I’m going to sign off now before I reveal even more of my mind mayhem.  All are welcome to come clean up the dust in our flat!  We’ve got two big couches and lots of floor space.  XOXO

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