Nory starts KG1 (Junior Kindergarten) tomorrow and I woke up early today so that I could be an emotional wreck on the couch in privacy.

I was hopeful that a good cry would help.  (It didn’t.)

I was hopeful that a whole pot of coffee would help.  (It didn’t.  I’m currently a MORE AWAKE emotional wreck.)

I was hopeful that messaging Nory’s teacher about my mental status and acting like I’m the only person in the entire world that has ever had to do this would help.  (Ya, I actually did that.  And it helped – in the sense that I am upright and the tissue box has returned to it’s usual place.)

Alas, HERE I SIT.  All full of sad and PARENTING IS THE HARDEST THING EVER and all I can think is WHAT THE.  If thousands and thousands AND THOUSANDS of parents do this each and every year, why do I feel so blind-sided?  You guys, I have to teach GRADE 8’s tomorrow and all I am thinking about is……HER.

She’s so ready.  I know she’s ready.  She’s confident and brilliant and funny and chatty and twirly and happy and kind and SO FREAKING READY.  She also has the best, sweetest, most enthusiastic and LOVING teacher ever.  And she will be right across from Ms. Yvonne (her CDC teacher) who deserves TEACHER OF THE CENTURY for all that she does.  And…….her principal just published an article about building character and community which is everything that we believe in as educators and parents.

And, yet – even still – my EMOTIONAL WRECK status remains.

Parenting, you guys.  It doesn’t get less hard, it just turns into new kinds of hard.

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