And Juliet greeted me in the best way possible…



The students kept telling me how lucky I was that I didn’t have to catch up on homework this afternoon, but I’m not sure they realized I would be dealing with an almost-two-year-old who has an overactive gag reflex.  A tiny hair in the mouth ALWAYS-ALWAYS results in vomit around here.  (Which is more reason to sport a ponytail 24/7, but Juliet hasn’t quite grasped that cause and effect relationship yet.)

We were able to re-group after a quick change of clothes/carpet scrub and all three of us snuggled up for some selfies to celebrate our reunion.  As you can tell, Nory prefers to be FRONT AND CENTRE, while Juliet prefers no involvement whatsoever.


I missed these OPPOSITE GIRLS so much!!!

When I asked Nory about her four days with Daddy, she responded with: “CAN I GO PLAY WITH SYDNEY? WHEN CAN I GO PLAY WITH SYDNEY? MOM, I AM GOING TO SYDNEY’S!!!! ALSO, MY BALLET TEACHER WAS SICK.”  It will be nice when I can hear the NOT-THREE-YEARS-OLD version of the weekend.  Judging by the Halloween decor around the flat, my three P’s got FESTIVE while I was away in Dubai :)

Time to put on some coffee, my friends!  (And light a candle – fall scented!) XOXO

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