As per Parkinson tradition, this afternoon we celebrated Juliet’s half birthday!  Our girl is now a WHOPPING 2.5, you guys!

The initial plan was to bake a cake, but a lingering stomach virus meant we were DOWN and OUT all weekend.  Luckily, Dairy Queen delivers ice cream cakes (#winning) and Grandma Cathy was able to hack our 10 inch beauty in half.  VOILA!  Half-cake for a half-birthday!

Now, some things about Juliet at age 2.5:

  1. Her hair is JUST NOW long enough for fun hairstyles.  But don’t expect those in the summer unless Aunt Taylor is there to do them!  (Kumari is the household stylist.)
  2. She calls all baby dolls (that aren’t Disney princesses) “Ghalyah” (an Arabic name).
  3. She loves to play soccer.  GIRL GOT SKILLS.
  4. Nory is “her Nory”.  She loves being near, around, right smack beside Nory.  Too bad their side-by-side relationship demands such serious effort on our part.  #SiblingWars
  5. Her best friend is Omari.  Omari and Juliet hope to go to preschool together in August!
  6. She’s a Daddy’s girl.  OHHHHHH is she a Daddy’s girl.
  7. She can play quietly all by herself.  Watching her play Barbies is the CUTEST THING.
  8. She is somehow (and I fear saying this out loud) POTTY-TRAINED.  Also, I think it happened all by itself.  Overnight.  With zero effort on our part.  KNOCK ON WOOD.  KNOCK ON WOOD.  KNOCK ON WOOD.
  9. She’s big on recognizing when something is her fault.  She will tell you “I’m sorry, that’s my fault.”  Alas, she’s definitely quick to tattle on Nory :)
  10. She loves being at home, where she’s most comfortable.  Crowds are NOT her thing and it takes her some time (or A LOT OF TIME) to warm up to new people.
  11. She’s a snuggler and knows when others need them. “It’s okay, Mama/Daddy/Nory!”
  12. Kumari’s last minute trip to Sri Lanka ripped her heart out.  She was angry at Kumari for weeks and JUST now, our last week here, has decided to forgive her.
  13. She naps, occasionally (once a week? once every two weeks?).  What’s this about kids that nap until their 4 or 5?
  14. She’s a chatterbox.  She learns new words every day, but my current faves are “privacy” and “Ramadan” and “excited”.
  15. She loves calling us at work and often ends the conversation by saying, “I’ll wait for you, Daddy/Mommy!”

We love you, Juliet Tyko!  Canada is so excited to see you again – you’re BIGGER THAN LAST YEAR and even more fabulous :)



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