Over the weekend, we celebrated Nory’s FIFTH half birthday (August 12th).  I made a note to write a little Nory update on the blog (something I don’t always remember to do!) because it’s so fun looking back on posts like these ones.  It’s getting even more fun now that Nory wants to look at old pictures and hear stories from when she was younger :)

Some things about Eleanor Douglas at age 4.5…

  1. Today she opened a toy store and used the word “exclusive” to discuss certain items in her shop.  So there’s that.
  2. She loves to swim, so much so that I either need to do a better job at laying down the “bath time” law OR invest in a rain coat to be worn on bath nights.  I always end up drenched and I sound like a broken record when I repeatedly remind her NOT TO SPLASH.  She remains unbothered.
  3. Gone are the days of styling her outfits.  It’s gotta be HER DECISION with regards to clothing, which means more than 3/4 of her wardrobe has become obsolete.  Hairbands, long-sleeve shirts, and pants under skirts seem to be her staples.
  4. She can colour for HOURS and she puts a lot of pressure on herself to stay in the lines and use the “right” mix of colours.
  5. She has the best laugh.  I could listen to one of her giggle fits ALL DAY LONG <3
  6. She isn’t the quickest decision-maker there ever was.  It drives Phil NUTS, but I think it’s endearing.  We could spend FOREVER and EVER choosing a Beanie Boo because she needs to go over the pros and cons of each one…
  7. Her memory is top-notch.  (And always has been!)  I think I’m going to appreciate this more and more as we grow older ;)
  8. She loves to dance and sing and perform.  She will show you how she can do a hoola-hoop trick, special jumps on the trampoline, a fidget spinner act, or “exercises” to stay strong.  The girl lives for the thrill of applause :)
  9. She is super kind and says the SWEETEST things.  Yesterday she told me “nobody messes with my Mom!” And just now she said, “you’re the cutest little mother!”  She’s also the first person to call me “beautiful like a unicorn”.  And, I got that one in writing, people!
  10. She loves her Daddy.  Howeverrrr……dare I say that she’s leaning more and more towards being a Mommy’s girl?!  Probably because Juliet is so possessive of Phil, but I WILL TAKE IT! ;)
  11. Although they fight (like…..OMG DO THEY EVER FIGHT), Nory is a great big sister to Jet. She loves to teach her new things, give her encouragement, or help her do different tasks.  They also snuggle and do running hugs and insist on knowing where the other one is.  I love their dynamic.  Even though I sometimes don’t.

We love you so much, Nory!  Keep being yourself – smart, silly, brave, kind, curious, passionate, and ALL-AROUND AWESOME!  You make us proud by BEING YOU <3


Mama and Daddy


And if you’re still looking to procrastinate….here’s a throwback to the last halfs.  Please note that both my photography skills AND my cake-decorating skills are improving over time ;)



TWO and A HALF YEARS (ish)


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