Nory has been asking us to have a sleepover for a long time now, but we’re just not ready to host a bunch of giggling girlies overnight.  Luckily, when she was leaning towards this “big girl” theme for her birthday party, we were able to convince her that a morning pajama party would be EVEN MORE FUN!  It’s basically a sleepover, only less stressful and everybody gets a full night’s sleep :)

I think Em and I nailed it with the decorations and activities :)  It was probably the simplest party we’ve ever planned!  On Friday morning, we sat around waiting for the party to start, twiddling our thumbs and thinking that SOMETHING MUST BE MISSING!  But, nope.  It was perfect. (Likely because Grandma was here to help with the prepping!!! XO)

Pink and purple pillow cases for decorating! A little keepsake for our little guests :)

Some colouring pages with pajama-clad characters, of course!

Water bottle labels are a party staple (at least to us!). This time, we picked up some fun duct tape and worked our magic :)

Party favours for both the big and little guests! Phil picked out the cutest one for Baby Liesel!

Cereal in small boxes is definitely a thing. We have ZERO boxes left!

Gem’s signature chalkboard sign stating a true fact of life.

Some cabbage patch dolls were also in attendance…

The photo booth props. Without them, is it even a party?! ;)

I love my new light box! It adds a little something-something to the living room.

The darling Birthday Girl, waiting for her party to begin <3

It was so sweet watching all of the pajama girls together – age 9 months to 11 years old (or early 60’s if you count ALL OF THE PAJAMA GIRLS)!  I actually feel it was the most calm party we’ve ever had, too!  Perhaps pajamas set the tone for a bit of peace and quiet ;)  I mean it.  This theme might have some serious sticking power over the next few years….ha!  And Nory LOVED IT!!!!

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Nory turning FOUR!  And thank you to everyone who called or sent a message to wish her a happy day!  We love you so much!  XOXO

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5 thoughts on “Happy FOURTH BIRTHDAY, Eleanor Douglas!!!

  1. Bee Rich

    BEST birthday party theme ever!!! Thank you for including me in the celebrations. I had a BLAST!!! Love love LOVE you all to bits!!! And the toothbrush is so perfect!


    1. Lindsay Post author

      We loved the theme, too! I wonder how many times we can recycle this one LOL. Pajama parties are MY FAVE! :) xo


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