Last weekend, we hosted a Halloween Crafting Party for all of Nory’s girlfriends in KG1.  It was something I decided to plan when we were sick with the flu and REALLY NEEDING something better than laying on the bathroom floor (or vomiting in public!) to look forward to ;)  Since I couldn’t self-soothe with my go-to’s (coffee/peanut butter/chocolate), planning something festive was the next best thing :)

Take a look at some of the activities the girls (plus Omari!) enjoyed together….

Witch’s Potion

Playdoh Monsters

Aren’t their monsters so cute?!

Juliet decided AGAINST monster-making and made a birthday cake for Daddy instead…

Halloween Necklaces

Pumpkin Colouring

Witch Legs

So much fun, right?!

Coupled with the Barbie bin and the trampoline and you can entertain a group of four year old’s for hours :)  We are excited to craft and play with the girls of KG1 another day soon!

Until then, I leave you A FINAL SPOOKY CRAFT before we go full-fledged CHRISTMAS…

That’s a wrap, Halloween 2017.

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