The costumes were ready to go.  Nory would be Belle and Phil would be the Beast.  Juliet would be a cupcake and I would be a baker.



Let’s do this.

Except for the fact that Juliet’s a soon to be three-nager and has the ability to be completely indecisive and so totally decisive at the same time.

I want this.  No, I don’t want this.  I thought I told you that I really freaking want THIS?!

I should have known a last-minute costume change was looming.  But as the eternal optimist that I am, I also had this wonderful idea that, on Halloween, when people are dressed spooky and there are new faces with every knock, Juliet would want to be my Halloween buddy.  I had this wonderful idea that, on Halloween, WHEN WE WERE GOING TO BE A CUPCAKE AND A BAKER, Juliet would stay loyal to our duo and cling to me rather than Phil and everyone would look at us like, “AHHH!  A CUPCAKE AND A BAKER!!!”  I had this wonderful idea that, on Halloween, Juliet would FINALLY want to be doing whatever I’m doing, rather than whatever Phil’s doing. (My optimism sticker chart is FULL of self-awarded gold stars.)

Well, Juliet responded with a resounding NOPE to all of my Halloween ideas.

Instead, she wanted to be JUST LIKE PHIL.  Juliet wanted to be THE BEAST…

You’d think that my mad-scramble to the mall on Friday morning would be enough to boost me to PARENT #1, right?  You know, securing her Halloween costume hours before the community trick-or-treat?  You know, BASICALLY ROCKING IT AT LIFE?

Well, nope.

While decorating Halloween cupcakes last night, Juliet felt compelled to share, “I love Mommy and Daddy and Nory.  But I love Daddy the best.”

What a BEAST.

Mwaa haaa haaa.

At least last year’s family costume included ALL OF US…

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