We’ve been raving for years about the “Redneck Hilton” – a venue we’d piece together in our community courtyard for an afternoon of water play.  Over the years, it has featured an inflatable pool, a water table, two “water slides”, and lots of random toys (including the odd appearance by NAKED KEN!).  The kids loved it, we appreciated the convenience, and the legitimate Hilton members got a kick out of it :)

The thing is, the girls have grown up SO MUCH since its induction and, after the summer in Canada, we find ourselves needing a little bit more.

We need swings.

And climbers.

And slides.

And a bigger place to run and skip and swim and bounce and cartwheel around.

And so….


We’ve enjoyed swimming in the afternoons, sandcastles on the beach, jumping in the bouncy castle, swinging (and swinging, and swinging) at sunset, ice cream by the water, and drawing with seashells.  Phil loves it so much that he returns in the evenings to swim and spa.  It’s been great :)

If only we could pay someone to get rid of this humidity….

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