I feel like I’ve heard somewhere that the first day of the year is a good indication of how the new year will unfold.  If this is true, we are in for a WILD, TANTRUM-Y, FRUSTRATING and EMBARRASSING 2018.

Things that happened:

→ We went for a walk and both girls decided that they needed to pee when we were close to ZERO bathrooms.  We had to do a shield and squat near the Russian embassy.  Nory was mortified for the next 500 m and I was nervous about police action.

→ The girls complained about being TOO TIRED to walk DURING OUR WALK, but then found a steep hill in front of the President’s house which they proceeded to climb (and run back down) MULTIPLE TIMES.  Poor things must have been so tired…

→ Jet thought it was a good idea to store a pussy willow up her nose.  I only noticed when I turned around to see if her and Daddy were still following the rest of us.  Wonder how many people got a chuckle out of that…

→ We tried to feed the “world’s friendliest squirrels” and they weren’t in the mood for snacking.  Nory declared the outing as “the worst day in the whole world” and then, it started to rain.  (Also: WHAT DO PEOPLE FEED THESE DARN SQUIRRELS?  We tried multiple varieties of nuts and we couldn’t make them come eat from our hands like all y’all talked about on Trip Advisor.)

→ Jet got a rash on her face (from lip gloss, maybe?).  I was freaking out that we needed to get an anti-histamine ASAP, but nothing was open because….January 1st.  (Things I love about Kuwait:  THINGS ARE OPEN EVERY DAY.)

→ Our cozy air bnb turned into TANTRUM CITY a la Juliet Tyko.  Haven’t seen a tantrum like that one since LAST SUMMER.  My heart was racing and I had to go shower because I just couldn’t deal. 

→ The kids wanted to reenact Frozen scenes with freaky pop-out masks.  Juliet was Anna, Nory was Elsa, Phil was Kristoff and I was Olaf.  Anna and Elsa stole the show, even though Olaf has a pretty significant “In Summer” number that I was dying to perform…

→ TANTRUM CITY continued. Only worse.  I think I was balling IN A BALL on the couch at this point.

→ An account called “wild homes” started following me on Instagram.  #GoTeam #NicheBuddies

Of course, reflecting upon all of this before bed that night, scrolling my social media to try to escape from our Parkinson Chaos, I came across THIS:

So cute that these people are jumping around, being hopeful and stuff.


Let’s just be thankful for NEW DAYS in this season of parenthood.

Let’s DO THIS JANUARY 6th! ;)

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