Summer with a four year old and a two year old is quite the wild experience, if you ask me.  I mean, FOR REAL, YOU GUYS.  We have the educator’s luxury of man-to-man parenting during the holidays and I still feel like we are out-numbered on the kid front.

Most evenings, Phil and I look at each other in pure amazement….

We did it!  We survived!  We are living proof that day-long, un-synchronized meltdowns do not kill!  #winning

And then, post-victory, when the girls are both (finally!) asleep, I think back to all of the mishaps that happened throughout the day.  The ones that led to tears or voice-raising or quiet-time-in-your-room-right-now-little-lady.  The list always seems lengthy and, truthfully, I am probably forgetting some of the day’s obstacles as I ponder and compile.  It makes me feel sad, you know.  In fact, it leaves me feeling totally BUMMED OUT and GUILTY.

But then I escape to my camera roll and I look at all the wonderful squares of AWESOME we’ve had this summer.  It seems that amongst the chaos of TEACHING THE GIRLS TO BE GOOD HUMANS, there are SO MANY wonderful moments, too.  So many beautiful, happy moments that I couldn’t even keep to myself.  My optimism kicks back in and I go to sleep excited for a fresh tomorrow.

You know, I think we are all born optimists.  We are born as people who look on the bright side and we are born as people who remember THE GOOD PARTS.  The trick is keeping this positive energy as we begin to grow up…

Before bed the other day (on a day where reaching bedtime really did feel like a victory), I had a little chat with Juliet on the back deck.

Me:  Did you have a good day, Juliet?

Juliet:  Yes, mommy.  I had a good day!

Me:  Oh, I’m happy you did, honey!  What was your favourite part of today?

Juliet:  Hmmm….eating pancakes.  And playing hair salon!

That night, when I went through all that went wrong during the day, I couldn’t help but think back to this conversation.

Did we have a good day?


We ate pancakes.  

We played hair salon.

And we had a really great, colourful, totally ordinary summer day with a four year old and a two year old :)

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