ONE:  On Friday night, Kumari received some heartbreaking news that left all of us feeling pretty darn blue.  Phil was able to secure a flight to Colombo that same evening and so Kumari is spending the week exactly where she should be – with her family in Sri Lanka.  Until she gets back this weekend, Phil and I have been taking turns staying home from work.  The schedule has been hectic, but we are managing (in a much less graceful way than Kumari Poppins, mind you)!  Our school has been extremely understanding and compassionate and we are so, so grateful for that! #FalconFamily

TWO:  Did I ever tell you that I am taking a course (Special Education Part 1, Canada Crew!!)?  It started the week after spring break and finishes the same day we leave Kuwait for the summer (GET.ME.ON.THAT.PLANE!).  I haven’t taken a course since becoming a Mom and, let me tell you, it is considerably tougher.  Shout-out to all of you teacher mama’s that give up your “free time” for professional development!

THREE:  A while ago, I won a free, one-hour photo session on Instagram.  Phil was SUPER PUMPED about the opportunity to colour-coordinate as a family of four and spend an afternoon fake-posing by the beach.  Ha!  Luckily, our daughters embraced the set and I would say the photos are far from “posed”.  Stay tuned to find out why we drove home (basically!) naked…

FOUR:  Our summer flights have been confirmed!  We will be in Canada June 10 – August 17.  Phil will be flying to Iowa and Texas at two separate times for two separate weddings, but the Parkinson Girls will be in Canada THE WHOLE TIME!  Juliet has been practicing the names of her cousins and we are starting to work on our summer bucket list.  The first item?  MEETING BABY SUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #WhenYourNieceWasBornInOctoberAndYouStillHaveNotMetHer #ExpatProblems

FIVE:  The girls have been learning to play a car racing game on the Playstation with “Uncle Kevin”.  They are surprisingly REALLY GOOD and I’m not joking when I say they are superior to our 27 year old pal, Coco.  Also, with Chelsea (some soccer team that Kevin likes?) in a big match this weekend, I foresee some little “football” fans on the horizon!

One month today until our tiny circus takes flight!  Can’t wait to see ALL OF YOU!!!!!


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