Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen so many pretty pictures and videos of snow falling in Warsaw.  It hasn’t seemed to accumulate in any of these pretty captures but, still, IT SNOWED.

Well, wouldn’t you know it.  We arrive from Kuwait and it is “surprisingly warm” (I mean, STILL COLD TO US) and raining.  I’m pretty sure that packing snow pants is a curse ;)

Luckily, the girls are thrilled with all the GREEN and so we’ve decided a GREEN Christmas works well for us too :)

Arriving just before Christmas has meant that most things are closed and we spent Christmas Eve doing crafts, playing at the park, and shopping for our Christmas dinner at the local convenience store.  GO TEAM!

Our Christmas Eve attire was especially ON POINT this year because the annual pajama elf (ah-hem, AUNTIE GEM!) surprised us with MATCHING PAJAMAS for the whole family!  Phil was thrilled with the gift and I hope he will be EVEN MORE GRATEFUL learning that basketball star, Stephen Curry, had the exact same experience!

Fingers crossed for more matching pajamas next year ;)

Christmas morning was a perfect display of each girl’s personality.  Nory was all about getting every single thing de-tagged and organized and played with, while Juliet bailed early and decided to find her very own place to re-watch THE OIL SPILL SCENE in Free Willy 2 (something she watches with anticipation each and every day).

After a lazy morning, we headed to the Warsaw Zoo.  Zoo visits on Christmas Day have become somewhat of a tradition with us, since zoos seem to be one of the only things STILL OPEN on Christmas day.  Em and I watched “The Zookeeper’s Wife“, which made the experience a pretty moving one.  A big thank you to Sarah for the recommendation! xo

Pictured above:  Proof that my kids have NERVES OF STEEL.

Before eating our convenience store dinner (haaaa!), we went to check out the Christmas lights at a nearby park.  It was the perfect evening for a stroll and I really think everyone else would have agreed with us if our children hadn’t started playing a wild game of WITCH (spontaneous, multi-direction sprinting and screaming.)  We left shortly into the game so that other walkers could have a peaceful Christmas.

It is now Boxing Day morning and we have discovered that the Polish refer to this as “the second day of Christmas”…..which means everything is closed…..even the convenience store.  Fingers crossed we can survive with the food we have and the hanger that results ;)


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