I feel like I’ve heard somewhere that the first day of the year is a good indication of how the new year will unfold.  If this is true, we are in for a WILD, TANTRUM-Y, FRUSTRATING and EMBARRASSING 2018. Things that happened: → We went for a walk and both girls decided that they needed to pee when we were close to ZERO bathrooms.  We had to do a shield and squat near the Russian embassy.  Nory was mortified for the… Read more »

I can’t even believe it is the end of another year.  You guys, I still remember when it became YEAR 2000 and I was too scared to leave my family on NYE in case anything crazy happened!  Now here I am, married for 7 years, raising two little girls, and welcoming year 2018 in Warsaw, Poland. I just spent the last couple of hours looking through old blog posts from this past year.  I read about the happy, the sad,… Read more »

I love posting updates about the girls on their birthdays, but I’ve never done one for myself.  And since I’ve already had this blog for 8 years, there’s a chance I will have it for 8 more.  And, if that’s the case…. I will be FOURTY YEARS OLD.  OMG. I think it will be fun to look back on the 32 year old me. So, here it is – 32 things about the THIRTY TWO YEAR OLD me :) one: … Read more »

Yesterday our littlest darling turned THREE and we had a surprise day off to celebrate the day with her!  After a morning of crafts, puzzles, and present-opening, we packed a picnic and headed to the desert.  We had so much fun snacking, dancing, running, and playing soccer in the middle of nowhere and the weather is now IDEAL for outdoor adventures.  Plus, the desert is our introvert’s ZONE :) Gosh, I remember being so scared three years ago.  I had… Read more »

‘Tis the season (in our house, at least) and we’ve enjoyed doing all things Christmasy in the last couple of weeks.  With a Christmas candle burning 24/7, we’re pretty much straight outta Whoville ’round here. Just LOOK. AT. US. Wearing Warmer Clothes – It’s officially in the low 20’s in Kuwait and, DO YOU SEE THAT?!  I’m even wearing a scarf! #SoChristmasy Decorating the Christmas Tree – If you focus solely on Eleanor’s pose and ignore the fact that Juliet prefers the… Read more »

ONE:  Everyone has been sick. OYYYYYYYY.  There’s been so much vomit and mucus and kleenex-purchasing and temperature-checking and should-we-return-to-the-doctoring and please-just-swallow-this-medicine-ing.  A little congestion remains, but the FABULOUS NEWS is that we are an actual, FUNCTIONING, family unit once again.  INSERT ALL THE PRAISE HANDS!!!!!! TWO:  I am taking a course. Our school has a professional development stipend that we can apply for annually and it covers the cost of a Queen’s University AQ course (WOOT!!!).  This past spring, I… Read more »

We’ve been raving for years about the “Redneck Hilton” – a venue we’d piece together in our community courtyard for an afternoon of water play.  Over the years, it has featured an inflatable pool, a water table, two “water slides”, and lots of random toys (including the odd appearance by NAKED KEN!).  The kids loved it, we appreciated the convenience, and the legitimate Hilton members got a kick out of it :) The thing is, the girls have grown up SO MUCH… Read more »

This week was a rough one. I’m sitting here now, having coffee and re-watching Suits and trying to reverse whatever unwelcome thing is going on inside my heart.  It’s been hanging out there for a few days and, despite my attempts to rally, it’s got some SERIOUS sticking power. I’ve tried to wash it away by double-fisting my coffees to-go.  Didn’t work.  I tried to run it off, pushing myself to stay on the treadmill until I couldn’t anymore.  Didn’t… Read more »

Nory starts KG1 (Junior Kindergarten) tomorrow and I woke up early today so that I could be an emotional wreck on the couch in privacy. I was hopeful that a good cry would help.  (It didn’t.) I was hopeful that a whole pot of coffee would help.  (It didn’t.  I’m currently a MORE AWAKE emotional wreck.) I was hopeful that messaging Nory’s teacher about my mental status and acting like I’m the only person in the entire world that has ever had to do this… Read more »

ONE:  I really wanted a hair cut last week, but the salon was booked solid and I tend to save all of my patience for the classroom (#dedication).  So, in a moment of bestie rage, Em came to the rescue by volunteering to give me a fresh chop.  It only took me 2 seconds to tally up the amount of “training” she’s received at Toni and Guy before declaring, “YOU’RE HIRED!!!!!” TWO:  Although eligible, Juliet is not starting preschool on Tuesday…. Read more »