Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen so many pretty pictures and videos of snow falling in Warsaw.  It hasn’t seemed to accumulate in any of these pretty captures but, still, IT SNOWED. Well, wouldn’t you know it.  We arrive from Kuwait and it is “surprisingly warm” (I mean, STILL COLD TO US) and raining.  I’m pretty sure that packing snow pants is a curse ;) Luckily, the girls are thrilled with all the GREEN and so we’ve decided a… Read more »

So many of my arguments with Phil begin because I think something is funny (or that it will, eventually, be funny) and he thinks it is super stressful and totally inappropriate to laugh in the slightest.  This usually introduces a few minor disputes throughout the course of a travel day because, I repeat, I find most things to be funny. I think it’s funny that our kids want to pretend to be cats on dirty airport floors… I think it’s funny that the… Read more »

Who knew? Who knew that after 4 and a half years of searching, advice-seeking, trying, re-trying, crying, and ultimately, FAILING, we would finally find the remedy to Parkinson Car Vomiting? WHO. FREAKING. KNEW. Ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted to announce that both of our notorious car-vomiters remained VOMIT-FREE during our rental-car, round-trip to Toronto. *** Basically could work for NASA after this discovery.  #ShirtSpeaksTheTruth Now, to PAY IT FORWARD: The answer is push-pops and Daniel Tiger, you guys.  It’s an answer I… Read more »

Remember this girl? Our Juliet. Our sweet & darling Juliet? The quiet & cuddly Parkinson? Well, she kinda went missing this past week. Not literally (#chill) but, figuratively. Everything has seemed like a battle since we arrived in Canada last weekend.  Each and every day, we’ve woken up to more frequent, more fierce, and more irrational moments with our child that is notably, The Calm One (haaaaaa).  It’s been a real test of patience, you guys. We drained the bath… Read more »

The plan was to travel to the Maldives.  We had researched flights, resorts, and activities, and we were willing to swallow the extreme cost of such a lavish holiday.  The girls couldn’t wait to holiday at a “beach” location (something we’ve never done as a family) and we were thrilled at the idea of staying in one place for the entire duration of our vacation.  No checking public transit routes?!  WOO HOO!  No walking around with a stroller, trying to… Read more »

I’m sure there are people out there dreading their flight back to Kuwait, wishing SO BADLY that they could extend their holiday a little (or a lot!) longer.  And even though we’ve had a wonderful time in Budapest, and even though we’ve enjoyed all the trees and parks and change of scenery, we are very ready to return to HOME SWEET KUWAIT :) Reasons why: I have a really stellar housecoat selection in Kuwait.  You have no idea how many times I have… Read more »

Today we went to a viewing terrace on the Buda side of the Danube called “Fisherman’s Bastion”.  It looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale, with its stunning architecture and even more stunning views of Pest.  One would think the kids would buy into such an experience, right?  FAIRY TALE – ESQUE?  SEEING THE WHOLE CITY FROM UP HIGH?  Sigh.  Not so much. The girls were all like, “let’s look at the souvenirs in this corner” and “let’s… Read more »

Because we slept so early on New Year’s Eve, we were FULL OF ENERGY on New Year’s Day!  We went for a beautiful (albeit FREEZING COLD!) walk near Parliament and were delighted to have it (practically!) to ourselves.  Security only had to speak to us ONE TIME about running on the grass.  (I mean, we have problems following this rule outside of Kuwait.  The Wimbledon tour is a far way off with our desert babes.) Yesterday, the men took the… Read more »