I’m not sure I believe in a stand alone photo.  I mean, not when it comes to family photos at least.  I want to be able to look back on these one day and bore someone with allllllllllllll of the details.  You know, the details about who we all were.  When these pictures were taken. I’m AGE 32, teaching science for my 10th year and enjoying my side-hustle as a mug designer with my best friend.  I take full responsibility for my… Read more »

I feel like I’ve heard somewhere that the first day of the year is a good indication of how the new year will unfold.  If this is true, we are in for a WILD, TANTRUM-Y, FRUSTRATING and EMBARRASSING 2018. Things that happened: → We went for a walk and both girls decided that they needed to pee when we were close to ZERO bathrooms.  We had to do a shield and squat near the Russian embassy.  Nory was mortified for the… Read more »

Yesterday our littlest darling turned THREE and we had a surprise day off to celebrate the day with her!  After a morning of crafts, puzzles, and present-opening, we packed a picnic and headed to the desert.  We had so much fun snacking, dancing, running, and playing soccer in the middle of nowhere and the weather is now IDEAL for outdoor adventures.  Plus, the desert is our introvert’s ZONE :) Gosh, I remember being so scared three years ago.  I had… Read more »

She’s asked us to watch every gymnastics movie found on Netflix. She’s asked us if she should start saving up money for her trip to the next Olympics. She’s asked us to find out if there’s a gymnastics store in Kuwait so we can get more gymnastics outfits. She’s asked us to “CLEAR THE FLOOR” because “I AM DOING MY ROUTINE!” She’s asked us to take slow motion videos of her tricks. She’s asked us to extend her bedtime by FIVE… Read more »

So, apparently you’re supposed to photograph the whole “first day of school thing” with a sign.  And not just your average sign, people!  A BEAUTIFUL SIGN.  Some, handmade and worthy of framing forever and ever. That elaborates on the first day of school thing.  With the child’s name, age, grade, career aspirations, etc, etc, etc. WELL. I blew it. And I had kinda forgotten that I blew it until I scrolling through Instagram this morning… I told you it was… Read more »

Nory starts KG1 (Junior Kindergarten) tomorrow and I woke up early today so that I could be an emotional wreck on the couch in privacy. I was hopeful that a good cry would help.  (It didn’t.) I was hopeful that a whole pot of coffee would help.  (It didn’t.  I’m currently a MORE AWAKE emotional wreck.) I was hopeful that messaging Nory’s teacher about my mental status and acting like I’m the only person in the entire world that has ever had to do this… Read more »

Jealousy amongst siblings is a thing around here.  I couldn’t do a video about Juliet without doing a video about Eleanor… So, here she is!  Your new favourite YouTuber :) Such a cutie, isn’t she?  It’s a “pretend” YouTube video, but if she asks you, you totally subscribed.  You know, by pushing “that button right there”. Happy Wednesday, everyone! XOXO

I am THRILLED (TIMES TEN!) that my girls inherited my PEANUT BUTTER OBSESSION.  The fact that we go through 2-3 jars a week (#teamwork) is a real source of family pride for me.  But other than this really beautiful achievement, I haven’t really understood what it means for your kids to like the same things as you. I mean, if they grow up to like photography, cool.  If they enjoy baking, wonderful.  If they start to follow the lives of celebrities… Read more »

A typical, two-year-old tantrum inspired me to become a filmmaker this week.  (Not like, A REAL FILMMAKER.  But definitely a one-day/one-afternoon type of filmmaker.) It’s called “The Story of Naked Ken” and, as an optimist, I’m already packed for both Cannes and TIFF ;) HAPPY VIEWING :)

Who knew? Who knew that after 4 and a half years of searching, advice-seeking, trying, re-trying, crying, and ultimately, FAILING, we would finally find the remedy to Parkinson Car Vomiting? WHO. FREAKING. KNEW. Ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted to announce that both of our notorious car-vomiters remained VOMIT-FREE during our rental-car, round-trip to Toronto. *** Basically could work for NASA after this discovery.  #ShirtSpeaksTheTruth Now, to PAY IT FORWARD: The answer is push-pops and Daniel Tiger, you guys.  It’s an answer I… Read more »