I’m not sure I believe in a stand alone photo.  I mean, not when it comes to family photos at least.  I want to be able to look back on these one day and bore someone with allllllllllllll of the details.  You know, the details about who we all were.  When these pictures were taken. I’m AGE 32, teaching science for my 10th year and enjoying my side-hustle as a mug designer with my best friend.  I take full responsibility for my… Read more »

Yesterday our littlest darling turned THREE and we had a surprise day off to celebrate the day with her!  After a morning of crafts, puzzles, and present-opening, we packed a picnic and headed to the desert.  We had so much fun snacking, dancing, running, and playing soccer in the middle of nowhere and the weather is now IDEAL for outdoor adventures.  Plus, the desert is our introvert’s ZONE :) Gosh, I remember being so scared three years ago.  I had… Read more »

We’ve been raving for years about the “Redneck Hilton” – a venue we’d piece together in our community courtyard for an afternoon of water play.  Over the years, it has featured an inflatable pool, a water table, two “water slides”, and lots of random toys (including the odd appearance by NAKED KEN!).  The kids loved it, we appreciated the convenience, and the legitimate Hilton members got a kick out of it :) The thing is, the girls have grown up SO MUCH… Read more »

Remember when I told you that we drove home (basically!) naked from a photoshoot?  Well, THIS IS THE SHOOT I was referring to!  Next time, we’ll just pack our swim suits ;) A big thank you to the beautiful Nina Soloviova who laughed alongside us and captured the real deal! We hope you love these photos as much as we do! XOXO

You guys.  BIG, BIG, BIG NEWS.  For The Glue!!!!! Emily and I were interviewed by Kuwait’s Bazaar Magazine and are featured in the March issue!!!!  If you can’t get to a Starbucks (or one of their other locations) in Kuwait, you can read the article online HERE. Pretty sure it’s worth an overseas flight to visit us, though. Right, Canada? ;) So very proud of us, Gem!  XOXO

National Day Weekend in Kuwait is one of my very favourite weekends of the year.  The weather is PERFECT, the country is decked out in flag colours, and we get a long weekend to enjoy the festivities. Here is some of the fun we had celebrating Kuwait at school on Thursday… Many teachers travel on this long weekend, but we prefer to stay at home because we SIMPLY CANNOT MISS the Al Farsi International Kite Festival!  In fact, this past week, I gave… Read more »

(Okay, so this post applies to very few of you.  I’m going to post it anyways…) This morning we woke up to a dusty day in Kuwait and I am reminded of the last time this happened.  Phil was in Cyprus for work and I was trying my best to keep the girls INDOORS and HAPPY.  This is a bit of a challenge because I can usually bank on a solid couple hours in the courtyard on the days that he’s… Read more »

Nine years ago, I boarded a flight to Egypt to start my teaching career.  I was straight out of university, had never been on a plane, and was full of the “unrealistic” type of optimism that causes people to be skeptical.  I don’t think anyone believed I would survive my two year contract in Cairo and I definitely don’t think they’d expect me to be living happily in the desert years later. To be fair, my ability (or presumed inability?) to… Read more »

I’m sure there are people out there dreading their flight back to Kuwait, wishing SO BADLY that they could extend their holiday a little (or a lot!) longer.  And even though we’ve had a wonderful time in Budapest, and even though we’ve enjoyed all the trees and parks and change of scenery, we are very ready to return to HOME SWEET KUWAIT :) Reasons why: I have a really stellar housecoat selection in Kuwait.  You have no idea how many times I have… Read more »

The plan ALL ALONG was to have a “baby doll” birthday party for Juliet.  Babies are one of her very favourite things right now, so the theme stood out as a good one.  But then it came to us that Juliet also LOVES the desert and that she prefers wide open spaces (where a crowd can disperse….and each person can have their own little spot).  And so, THE DESERT DANCE PARTY was born!  Ta-daaaaa!!!!!!!!!! With so many happy memories playing… Read more »