For my birthday and Christmas, Phil gave me a phone stabilizer so that I could make smoother videos of our family (#BestGiftEver).  I hadn’t used it yet, but after learning that you have to book tickets for the Science Centre in advance in this country (who knew?!), I decided there was NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT to give my flashy new Osmo Mobile a try.  And so, we rounded up the troops, put on our socks from Kabak, and turned up… Read more »

Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen so many pretty pictures and videos of snow falling in Warsaw.  It hasn’t seemed to accumulate in any of these pretty captures but, still, IT SNOWED. Well, wouldn’t you know it.  We arrive from Kuwait and it is “surprisingly warm” (I mean, STILL COLD TO US) and raining.  I’m pretty sure that packing snow pants is a curse ;) Luckily, the girls are thrilled with all the GREEN and so we’ve decided a… Read more »

For the longest time, Juliet insisted on having a “goat” party for her birthday. Yep, a goat party. A party created on the basis of goats. Not cows.  Not horses.  Not any other related barnyard animal. ONLY GOATS. Obviously the idea made me panic because….YOU GUYS….what does a goat party even look like?  Pinterest couldn’t tell me either. Thankfully, we were able to rely on Juliet’s love for Phil and Paw Patrol to sway her decision.  Her strong stance on… Read more »

Yesterday our littlest darling turned THREE and we had a surprise day off to celebrate the day with her!  After a morning of crafts, puzzles, and present-opening, we packed a picnic and headed to the desert.  We had so much fun snacking, dancing, running, and playing soccer in the middle of nowhere and the weather is now IDEAL for outdoor adventures.  Plus, the desert is our introvert’s ZONE :) Gosh, I remember being so scared three years ago.  I had… Read more »

Last weekend, we hosted a Halloween Crafting Party for all of Nory’s girlfriends in KG1.  It was something I decided to plan when we were sick with the flu and REALLY NEEDING something better than laying on the bathroom floor (or vomiting in public!) to look forward to ;)  Since I couldn’t self-soothe with my go-to’s (coffee/peanut butter/chocolate), planning something festive was the next best thing :) Take a look at some of the activities the girls (plus Omari!) enjoyed… Read more »

The costumes were ready to go.  Nory would be Belle and Phil would be the Beast.  Juliet would be a cupcake and I would be a baker. Voila!  Done!  Let’s do this. Except for the fact that Juliet’s a soon to be three-nager and has the ability to be completely indecisive and so totally decisive at the same time. I want this.  No, I don’t want this.  I thought I told you that I really freaking want THIS?! I should have… Read more »

ONE:  Everyone has been sick. OYYYYYYYY.  There’s been so much vomit and mucus and kleenex-purchasing and temperature-checking and should-we-return-to-the-doctoring and please-just-swallow-this-medicine-ing.  A little congestion remains, but the FABULOUS NEWS is that we are an actual, FUNCTIONING, family unit once again.  INSERT ALL THE PRAISE HANDS!!!!!! TWO:  I am taking a course. Our school has a professional development stipend that we can apply for annually and it covers the cost of a Queen’s University AQ course (WOOT!!!).  This past spring, I… Read more »

As per Parkinson tradition, this afternoon we celebrated Juliet’s half birthday!  Our girl is now a WHOPPING 2.5, you guys! The initial plan was to bake a cake, but a lingering stomach virus meant we were DOWN and OUT all weekend.  Luckily, Dairy Queen delivers ice cream cakes (#winning) and Grandma Cathy was able to hack our 10 inch beauty in half.  VOILA!  Half-cake for a half-birthday! Now, some things about Juliet at age 2.5: Her hair is JUST NOW long enough for fun hairstyles…. Read more »

And I only cried at about half of them.  GO TEAM! ;) Take a look…. Liesel’s 1st Birthday Yep, SOMEHOW, she is already one!  I feel like Sarah’s “Sprinkled With Love” Shower was just the other day, and now there’s a stylish little human running around in the courtyard.  OY!  Her parents are total naturals and we are going to miss this darling family of three so, so much next year. Nory’s End of the Year Concert Their Christmas concert… Read more »

It was THREE DAYS of FABULOUS and we’ve got the pictures to prove it! :) Thank you to everyone who made our Easter Weekend so special!  We hope you, too, had a wonderful Easter, surrounded by loved ones and filled with laughter!  XOXO And, for those of you procrastinating from LIFE, I GOT YOU……. EASTER 2016 // EASTER 2015? // EASTER 2014 // EASTER 2013 // EASTER 2012