I’m not sure I believe in a stand alone photo.  I mean, not when it comes to family photos at least.  I want to be able to look back on these one day and bore someone with allllllllllllll of the details.  You know, the details about who we all were.  When these pictures were taken. I’m AGE 32, teaching science for my 10th year and enjoying my side-hustle as a mug designer with my best friend.  I take full responsibility for my… Read more »

I feel like I’ve heard somewhere that the first day of the year is a good indication of how the new year will unfold.  If this is true, we are in for a WILD, TANTRUM-Y, FRUSTRATING and EMBARRASSING 2018. Things that happened: → We went for a walk and both girls decided that they needed to pee when we were close to ZERO bathrooms.  We had to do a shield and squat near the Russian embassy.  Nory was mortified for the… Read more »

For my birthday and Christmas, Phil gave me a phone stabilizer so that I could make smoother videos of our family (#BestGiftEver).  I hadn’t used it yet, but after learning that you have to book tickets for the Science Centre in advance in this country (who knew?!), I decided there was NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT to give my flashy new Osmo Mobile a try.  And so, we rounded up the troops, put on our socks from Kabak, and turned up… Read more »

I can’t even believe it is the end of another year.  You guys, I still remember when it became YEAR 2000 and I was too scared to leave my family on NYE in case anything crazy happened!  Now here I am, married for 7 years, raising two little girls, and welcoming year 2018 in Warsaw, Poland. I just spent the last couple of hours looking through old blog posts from this past year.  I read about the happy, the sad,… Read more »

Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen so many pretty pictures and videos of snow falling in Warsaw.  It hasn’t seemed to accumulate in any of these pretty captures but, still, IT SNOWED. Well, wouldn’t you know it.  We arrive from Kuwait and it is “surprisingly warm” (I mean, STILL COLD TO US) and raining.  I’m pretty sure that packing snow pants is a curse ;) Luckily, the girls are thrilled with all the GREEN and so we’ve decided a… Read more »

So many of my arguments with Phil begin because I think something is funny (or that it will, eventually, be funny) and he thinks it is super stressful and totally inappropriate to laugh in the slightest.  This usually introduces a few minor disputes throughout the course of a travel day because, I repeat, I find most things to be funny. I think it’s funny that our kids want to pretend to be cats on dirty airport floors… I think it’s funny that the… Read more »

I love posting updates about the girls on their birthdays, but I’ve never done one for myself.  And since I’ve already had this blog for 8 years, there’s a chance I will have it for 8 more.  And, if that’s the case…. I will be FOURTY YEARS OLD.  OMG. I think it will be fun to look back on the 32 year old me. So, here it is – 32 things about the THIRTY TWO YEAR OLD me :) one: … Read more »

For the longest time, Juliet insisted on having a “goat” party for her birthday. Yep, a goat party. A party created on the basis of goats. Not cows.  Not horses.  Not any other related barnyard animal. ONLY GOATS. Obviously the idea made me panic because….YOU GUYS….what does a goat party even look like?  Pinterest couldn’t tell me either. Thankfully, we were able to rely on Juliet’s love for Phil and Paw Patrol to sway her decision.  Her strong stance on… Read more »