We are the Parkinson Family.  An international teaching family.  A “CANNOT-STAY-OUT-OF-THE-WATER-EVEN-FOR-PROFESSIONAL-PHOTO-SHOOTS-BY-THE-BEACH” type of family.

I’m Lindsay. I love to write and take a bazillion pictures. I survive on spoonfuls of peanut butter, endless cups of coffee and THE LITTLE THINGS.  #CelebrateEverything

My husband is Phil. We met in Cairo, Egypt and since then, our relationship has progressed from strongly disliking each other, to tolerating each other, to liking each other, to loving each other, to being married for SIX YEARS.

Our daughters are Nory (age 4) and Jet (age two). They are total opposites and we (mostly) love the contrast. Both of the girls were born in Kuwait, where we have lived for seven years.

If your family has also driven home from a photo shoot half-naked, wrapped in random scarves and wet underwear, you’re probably going to enjoy this blog ;)

Welcome to The Pearl Curriculum, my friends!